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Top Model of Colour International (TMC) is a modelling competition, which is now in its 10th year and is open to models from across the world, whom are of African, Caribbean, Hispanic, Oriental, African, Asian & Dual heritage ethnicity. Top Model of Colour competition is providing models with exposure to the modelling industry.

Top Model of Colour plays a pivotal role in exposing models of colour into mainstream fashion, it provides a route for female and male models to enter a competition that would teach them all about the fashion industry and ultimately give them the knowledge and experience they need to break into mainstream fashion as well as giving them the chance to find out from professionals, their true potential to becoming a professional model.

Top Model of Colour is the only competition of its kind in the UK, Europe & Africa and it receives thousands of applications each year from hopefuls vying to be Top Model of Colour in their respective countries. The reach of Top Model of Colour is extremely diverse, not only nationally spread throughout the UK with both female and male contestants, but it is also taking place in a number of other countries across the world, including the Netherlands, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Cameroon and the Gambia, with many more soon to join. Top Model of Colour runs every year and is opened to female and male models aged between 16 – 26 years of age and a minimum height of 5.1”.

Each year the popularity grows because of the achievements of the competition and the success of some of its previous winners. The competition has achieved continuous publicity and has been featured in the press across the world. Over the past nine years, Top Model of Colour has helped developed modelling careers providing rewarding contracts in the fashion and entertainment world.

Top Model of Colour is not a beauty pageant but a modelling competition and to ensure that the competition is seen that way the format is structured in such a way that it is clear that it is not a beauty pageant as models have to do a portfolio, they do a one on one prejudging prior to the actual finale, they attend numerous rehearsals and have to answer questions on the modelling and fashion industry. The structure of the competition ensures that the commercial models can compete on an equal footing with the high fashion models. Creator of Top Model of Colour, Sola Oyebade said: “Based on the modelling industry in the UK and across the world currently, there is no doubt that the industry generally has not yet realised, or is not yet willing to accept the need for employing and using more models of colour in their advertising campaigns. Top Model of Colour will continually play a pivotal role in promoting models of colour and to be a catalyst for change in the industry”.



Top Model of Colour TV features interviews with the contestants, finalist, guests, excerpts from past and present shows and footage from the fashion industry....

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Season 9 TOP 5

Sarita (4th), Mayalka (5th), Aramatou (Season 9 Winner), Katrinah (3rd) and Segolame (runner up)

International competitors wanted 

If you are a competition winner based in any country in the world and would like to compete in TMC then contact us with your full details.



The closest final ever with the judges and guests choosing the same top 8 the overall winner was Aramatou Toure originally from the Ivory Coast.