Aneeka Williams of Battersby Road in Catford aiming to become Top Model of Colour 2015

A Catford single mum is aiming to be Top Model of Colour.


Aneeka Williams, 25, a business management graduate of Battersby Road in Catford, will compete against 17 other women for the title of Top Model of Colour. Ms Williams, currently working as an after-sales advisor for Honda, is aiming to win the competition to show her daughter that you can achieve anything you want to.

Ms Williams has a two year-old daughter called Aiyanna and revealed that she hopes to inspire her and show her that she can achieve whatever goal she sets herself. Ms Williams said: "I want to show her she can do anything and you can go anywhere in life but modelling isn't the direction I want her to go in. "I want her to do education first and then you can decide what you want to do, without education you can't really get anywhere. "She already loves walking in my heels and putting make-up on so I'm getting a bit worried!"

Top Model of Colour is a modelling competition open to models from across the world, who are of African, Caribbean, Hispanic, Oriental, African, Asian and dual ethnicity. She said: "This competition is a lot more interesting than beauty pageants, they're more focussed on your looks and they've got that specific look they look for.

"The modelling competitions aren't just about looking beautiful, they're about the way you talk, what you have to say and your answers." "I've been modelling for about three years now, this competition has been running for years and I've always been interested in it and what the winner goes onto. "The winner always goes on to something better, they get more publicity and get better events."


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