Ashleigh Ashley will be performing at the TMC Finale

Ashleigh is excited to be performing at TMC Finale.


ASHLEIGH ASHLEY has always revelled in rhyme, wordplay and visual media. Whilst only making music as a hobby she gained radio play in 2011, and has since appeared on both Channel 5’s Must Be The Music and a T-Mobile ad.

Her fluid vocal style is laced with Soul, Funk, RnB, Dub and modern electro. Taking cues from the likes of Erykah Badu, Mary J Blige, and Janelle Monae, Ashleigh has created an eclectic identity for her music whilst staying true to her roots.

Her unmistakable London twang combines ballad harmonics, urban rhythms and lyrical themes from social problems in her home-town to the universality of betrayal and love.

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Season 9 TOP 5

Sarita (4th), Mayalka (5th), Aramatou (Season 9 Winner), Katrinah (3rd) and Segolame (runner up)

International competitors wanted 

If you are a competition winner based in any country in the world and would like to compete in TMC then contact us with your full details.



The closest final ever with the judges and guests choosing the same top 8 the overall winner was Aramatou Toure originally from the Ivory Coast.