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Model I Aspire to be like & why?:

The top supermodel who inspired me the most is Tyra Banks being the second black model in the history. We know Banks as one of the world's most recognizable supermodel but during her early career as a young black models. She faced challenges in the industry because of her skin colour and being turned away from jobs. I was fascinated by how she stand firm for her goal and proved wrong the agencies who turned her away and continued to use criticism to push her way to the top. Banks is and will always be my role model as she is also an author, producer, actress, business woman and many more... Becoming the first African American woman on the covers of GQ and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Banks help me to gain more confidence in myself, believe, trust my talents and work hard to not only achieve my ambition but to help others to do the same.

I also been inspired by Naomi Campbell as if it wasn't her Banks will probably not going to be at where she is today. Campbell went through obstacle to obstacle as first Black model, she make is possible for me to dream about becoming a supermodel today. She went through hardship to opened the gate for us model of colour to entry and make also possible for others. She never give up, she started her career at the age of 15 as High Fashion Runaway Model until today, still in shape at age of 45. Campbell is an actress, author and many more, she is also involve with a charity work which is something I am very passionate about. Being the voice for those who can't speak for themselves.

Ethnicity: Black / African
Height: 173cm / 5ft 8in
Chest: 76cm / 30in
Bust Cup: A
Waist: 71cm / 28in
Hips: 94cm / 37in
Dress Size: 10 UK / 8 US
Shoe Size: 7.0 UK / 8 US / 40.5 Euro
City: London
Country: United Kingdom


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Season 9 TOP 5

Sarita (4th), Mayalka (5th), Aramatou (Season 9 Winner), Katrinah (3rd) and Segolame (runner up)

International competitors wanted 

If you are a competition winner based in any country in the world and would like to compete in TMC then contact us with your full details.



The closest final ever with the judges and guests choosing the same top 8 the overall winner was Aramatou Toure originally from the Ivory Coast.